Monday, September 29, 2008

3 more quilts finished.

Well I managed to finish 3 more quilts.

Animal Detectives, (used my designs on this one).

The Slash my Stash Quilt used in the Video Lesson.

Another Slash my Stash variation.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Waiting to be quilted.

This is the quilt I made when doing the video lesson. The lesson is available from my website
Jelly Roll and I used my Slash my stash technique for this one. I will put this one to the top of the quilting list.
Moda Jelly Roll waiting in line!!!
Another Moda Jelly Roll lining up.!!
Jelly Rolls who told me about them?????
Winning Hand Xmas Quilt in waiting.!!!
Slash my Stash 6 squares.

Jelly roll quilt waiting to be quilted they are so quick to do!!!!!.

Strip slash my stash on the waiting list.

Loralei golfers

I have made a few of these type quilts as prizes for my golf club.

More Slash my Stash

Another Slash my Stash Quilt
A striped Slash my Stash quilt using large and small stripe slashing.
A Double Slash my Stash quilt. Yep I slashed once and joined together then slashed again and rejoined.

Heart Applique Quilt

9 patch and heart appliques were used in this quilt.

Garden Quilt

I had some large print fabric that I wanted to use so decided to make a flower the feature and then used the same fabric for the border.

Childrens Redwork Design Quilts

These quilts were made using my digitized Redwork designs from my Redwork Design Collection available from my website.

Embroidered Quilt

I digitized the Designs on this quilt and used piping and sashing to highlight the designs.
The designs are available on my website.

Childs Dolphin and Glasses Quilt

I used featured blocks of Dolphins wearing Sunglasses with smaller square blocks.

Bargello Quilt

This is my one and only Bargello Quilt.

Applique Quilts

Heart Quilt made for my bed and tied rather than quilted.
Hearts in my Garden Quilt.
Cup of Kindness Wall hanging.

Took a while but finally finished this Xmas Quilt.

Log Cabin Quilts

This quilt was really colourful and fun to make.

Winning Hand Quilts

A couple of Winning Hand Quilts.

Courthouse Steps Quilts

Courthouse Steps quilt I really like the effect this quilt gives. Another quilt but I ran out of one of the fabrics so this is more of a Patio steps quilt !!!!

Some of my Slash my Stash Quilts

Some of my Slash my Stash Quilts finished so far.